I am ever so excited to announce my newest project, A Little Bit of Drama! A Little Bit of Drama is a short collection of very, VERY short plays written by female & nonbinary playwrights from near and far, published both as a hard-copy zine and a digital collection right here on this very website. In this world of social distancing it has been harder than ever to produce work as an emerging playwright, and I feel so lucky to have the chance to amplify the words of these talented writers. Featuring plays by Pip Blankenship, Ankita Raturi, Zoë Sonnenberg, Hannah Rae Leach, Isabella Gonzalez, Mackenzie Paynter, Deirdre Price, and Bex Gobran.

A Little Bit of Drama is set to drop June 1st, 2021-- a summer treat for one and all!